Headquartered in Santa Fe New Mexico, ENCHANTED ADOBE GROUP
is a Luxury Interior Design Firm & Real Estate
Marketing Agency & Brokerage for some of the most professional,
opulent, and comfortable residences in the American Southwest,
nationally, and internationally.


David Garcia, President, is an 8th generation Santa Fean, 12th generation New Mexican and Native American, with a background in Liberal Arts and Sciences; Literary Publishing and Marketing; Historic Preservation and Restoration of museum quality European Antiques and Decorative Arts; and 18 years experience in Luxury Residential and Commercial Interior Design throughout New Mexico, Texas, and California.  David's family has served the city of Santa Fe for over two centuries in judicial civic services and as stonemasons of notably beautiful historic buildings throughout Santa Fe including America's oldest church San Miguel Mission, and the Cathedral Basilica de St. Francis de Asis.

Many original homes on the famous Canyon Road were also established by David's family, such as the property known as El Zaguan, a wonderful example of Pueblo and Territorial architecture preserved by the efforts of John Gaw Meem and now the home of the Historic Santa Fe Foundation.  Once written about as "one of the finest villas,...none more inviting on the whole range of the Rock Mountain section," it no doubt impacted and influenced Meem in his study and development of the revivalist forms he called the Santa Fe Style.

Growing up in Santa Fe, attending Santa Fe Preparatory, and being an alumnus of St. John’s College, David brings personal understanding to life in the City Different.  He possesses knowledge of education in the area; appreciation for the unique multicultural community of New Mexico; and a sense of joy and gratitude one feels living in such a magnificent place - living the Enchanted Life.

Specializing in services to luxury buyers, David conveys a high level of quality to meeting his client’s needs, keeping a broad understanding of the local and regional real estate market as well as real estate at large.  David is enthusiastic in working with everyone to buy or sell the dream anywhere in the world and particularly in the Land of Enchantment.

David's Art and Design experience includes sales in Fine Arts, Decorative Arts and Important Furnishings with emphases in the areas of French Mobilier Royal, Beaux-Arts, Belle Epoque, Italian Baroque, European Renaissance, Impressionism, European Modernism, Native American Antiquities, Spanish Colonial Iconography, American and Latin American Modernism, Mid-Century, Op-Art, Pop Art, Surrealism, Realism, Hyper-realism, Outsider Art, Folk Art, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Asian Art, African Art, Photography, Installation Art, and more.

David and his affiliates are frequent visitors and exhibitors at design, antiques, and art exhibitions around the country including Marburger Farms in Roundtop TX, Palms Springs Modernism and others.  David lives in Santa Fe with his schnauzer Rosa.  He loves to travel, hike, bike, ski, and is an avid rock climber.  He also loves to cook as well as eat out at Santa Fe’s incredible variety of restaurants, and explore the endless natural wonder that New Mexico has to offer.